‘High School Kids Shut You down’ – Watch Guest Humiliate Ingraham on Her Own Show

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Ingraham got served

Fresh off from her temporary hiatus, Fox News host Laura Ingraham decided to tackle the subject of illegal immigration by bringing on two guests: California gubernatorial Republican candidate John H. Cox and human rights activist Enrique Morones, who is the founder of the immigration rights group “Border Angels.”

Like most conservative broadcasters, Ingraham took the anti-immigration position by asking Morones a loaded question about whether Democrats in the state should be worried about various California counties expressing concern about the sanctuary city laws. Morones responded by first making a small joke about student activist David Hogg letting her “back on the air,” before stating that most Californians support sanctuary cities and that illegal immigration has actually dropped a lot in the last five years.

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Clearly taking offense to that jab, though, Ingraham went on the offensive by asserting that Morones was not dealing with facts, to which Morones took the opportunity to point out that her being on Fox News inherently meant she was “not about facts.”

Finally, Ingraham turned the stage over to Cox, who proceeded to go on a typical right-wing paranoid rant about criminals and gangbangers like MS-13 infiltrating these sanctuary cities, and that Governor Jerry Brown and Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom were helping spark a conservative revolution in the country.

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Though Morones could have responded to Cox’s diatribe with statistical evidence refuting his claims, the Border Angels founder instead chose to take the low road by stating that he had never even heard of Cox.

This, in turn, prompted Ingraham to go even lower by accusing Morones for being “rude and insulting” the entire time. When Morones pointed out that she had lost half her sponsors to Hogg, Ingraham had him kicked from the show and went off on her own tirade about the left’s apparent demonization strategy:

“It’s very important for people watching the show tonight to understand that what just happened with a rabid pro-illegal immigration activist — and he is that, but we still invited him on, because it’s fun to have a spirited debate — but what you just saw… [is] the attempt of the left to demonize those with whom they disagree.”


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