Teen Who Defended His Lesbian Moms in Viral Video Just Won A Red State Primary

This man is an inspiration to us all....

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Good things do happen to good people

Back in February 2011, a video from the Iowa House Democrats’ YouTube channel went viral showcasing a speech by a young man on the floor of the Iowa House of Representatives. His name was Zach Wahls, and he was protesting the state’s then proposed resolution to end civil unions.

Wahls, who was 19 years old at the time and enrolled in the engineering program at the University of Iowa, had a personal stake in the matter because both his parents were women. To prove the congressional Republicans wrong, Wahls used his life experiences to show that he had turned out the same as everyone else, and that being raised by a gay couple had no bearing on a child’s upbringing.

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In the seven years since then, Wahls has not only continued to campaign on behalf of gay rights, but also build up support for progressive initiatives. At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, for example, Wahls gave a rousing speech criticizing Mitt Romney’s anti-gay platform. With that amount of passion, vigor, and political fortitude, it is no wonder that on Wednesday Wahls secured the Democratic Party’s nomination for the Iowa Senate, in district 37.

Wahls had announced his candidacy back in late December 2017 to public acclaim. And with a highly progressive platform emphasizing health care reform, worker’s rights, and even gun control, Wahls managed to win big among his constituents with 59.8 percent of the vote.

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As reported by The Gazette, Wahls had nothing but happiness to share with the public:

“I think it’s a sign people here are hungry for new blood in the Iowa Legislature and are ready for the next generation of leadership. It means a lot to me the community is trusting me with that leadership role.”

Luckily for Wahls, the Republican Party has chosen not to fight Senate District 37, leaving his only opponent to be Libertarian Party candidate Carl Krambeck. Despite this, I wish him the best of luck in his campaign endeavor as anything is possible in the red state of Iowa.

Featured image via Zach Wahls’s Twitter account

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Suman Sridhar