Trump Fist Bumps Brutal Dictator Erdogan: ‘He Does Things the Right Way’

President Trump just can't stop kissing up to dictators...

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President Trump, ever the supporter of dictators, was seen fist bumping Turkish Dictator Erdogan ahead of his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

The remarks came after a heated debate over NATO spending. After Trump was repeatedly told by Georgian and Ukrainian presidents a spending increase could only be authorized by their parliaments, our president had an unlikely reaction.

Trump turned to Erdogan and said, “Except for Erdogan over there. He does things the right way”. Then he proceeding to fist bump Erdogan. Afterwards, Trump dismissively asked the Ukrainian and Georgian presidents to leave the room.

As usual, Trump is panicking because he is not getting the reaction or support he thinks he deserves. Trump is trying to appear strong, bullying our allies and kissing up to our enemies. But as his recent moves with Putin show, Trump is weak. So weak outgoing Republican Senator Bob Corker even remarked that he made America look like a “pushover“.

Trump is asking the impossible of our allies, and then when they deliver a logical explanation he vehemently denies them away. This doesn’t bode well, especially after Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin Monday.

Putin, as usual, arrived an hour late, and Trump was seen with whispering thank you and into Putin’s ear. The two then proceeded to put on the jaw dropping spectacle that dominated the news for the rest of the day, with Putin admitting meddling in our elections, and Trump defending Putin against the same charge.

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This led pundits, and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, to a new round of speculation that it is quite possible the Russians have what they call Kompromat on Trump. Kompromat is compromising information that is used to bend opponents into line. It’s a well-known KGB tactic, and many intelligence officers speculate there is no way the Russians don’t have something on Trump.

But it’s worth paying attention to what happened with Erdogan, as well. This is the President of the United States showing approval for a dictator so brutal, his thugs actually beat up protesters in America. And actually saying that he “does things the right way”. And besides, there’s some reason to think Trump might also owe his presidency to Erdogan, as well, given his former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s status as a foreign agent for them.

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Because besides President Trumps embarrassing reaction, his approval of Erdogans brutal regime and recent false election signals bad news for America. Turkey is still critical to NATO because of our air bases located that country which currently help support the decade and a half old global War on Terror. But how much longer can NATO or America rely on a nation led by such a man?

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