Nutjob Sinclair Host ‘Resigns’ After Sick Threat to School Shooting Survivor

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Midwest Conservative Host Loses TV And Radio Shows After Horrifying Tweet

Fox News host Laura Ingraham returned to her show last night proceeding a week away and after a number of advertisers fled because of her personal attack on Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. Another conservative host who bashed Hogg in an even more disgusting way will not be so lucky.

St. Louis conservative media personality Jamie Allman was “removed” from multiple shows after advertisers scrambled to get away from the host in light of a heinous Tweet directed at Hogg. Allman hosted both a TV and radio show and was ousted from each, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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The fallout comes over a Tweet Allman sent on March 26th threatening to sexually assault the high school shooting survivor with a “hot poker”. The River Front Times nabbed a screen shot of the message that read:

When we kick their ass they all like to claim we’re drunk. I’ve been hanging out getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s ass tomorrow. Busy working. Preparing. 

Allman later set his Twitter account to private.

The conservative’s TV show aired through Sinclair Broadcast Group. A spokesman told the Post-Dispatch “His show is canceled and he is off the air immediately” in an email Monday evening.

Allman was previously a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of St. Louis after a successful career in journalism.

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This ouster follows the heavy backlash Fox News host Laura Ingraham received following a Tweet directed at David Hogg. Ingraham returned from a week of vacation and proceeded to call herself the “victim” in the situation.

Apparently conservative hosts haven’t quite gotten the memo that the vast majority of people don’t really want to see personal attacks on the victims of mass shootings. And it’s utterly astounding that fact has to actually be pointed out to these so-called adults…

Image a screen capture from Defeat Donald Trump In 2020’s YouTube channel

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