Watch CIA Analyst Destroy Alt-Right Barbie Tomi Lahren Over Russian Conspiracy

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Lahren’s Ignorance was exposed on fox news

Tomi Lahren has frequently been labeled a rising star in the conservative media, and that is not a proud label to bear. To get her name out in the field, she has had to embrace banal right-wing talking points that demonize liberals and progressives while championing pseudo-Republican values. She has been regularly noted as a racist, liar, and outright hypocrite, which more than likely explains why she landed a gig at Fox News despite being fired from The Blaze. That, and her Barbie doll good looks, which couldn’t have hurt for a news network that has had as many sexual harassment and objectification of women issues as Fox News has.

Her standing as a shill for Republican talking points has been firmly cemented since accepting this position in the News Corp, and a recent discussion with  former CIA analyst Marie Harf proves it. Prior to working as a political commentator on the Fox News talk show “Outnumbered,” Harf was the Directorate of Analysis at the CIA.

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On Friday, Harf, Lahren, and their other co-hosts were discussing the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) recent filing of a civil lawsuit against the Trump Administration, Wikileaks, and Russian government over their alleged conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 presidential election.

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During the talk, Lahren obsessively discussed  the question of why the DNC was not turning over the contents of its servers to intelligence organizations. Of course, President Trump recently asked the same question in a Tweet, wondering why the agencies didn’t just take the servers. Which just shows neither understand the notion of the rule of law: the DNC would have no choice but to turn over the servers is served with a warrant. And if there’s no grounds for a warrant, why would they turn them over? More than that, why would Lahren and Trump think there’s anything to see there, if there’s not enough smoke to get a judge to light the fire for a warrant?

Of course, it’s a distraction. A form of victim blaming. Republicans pointing the finger at the DNC, which was the victim of the hack by Russia, are essentially aiding and abetting Russia by trying to stall the investigation and point fingers in the wrong direction. It also misses the larger point that the GOP and conservative media have tried to avoid, which is that the United States’s intelligence agencies have all come to the conclusion that the Russian Federation did meddle in the 2016 elections.

Harf spent most of her time on the show trying to point that fact out to Lahren, culminating in her making this final assertion on the matter:

“Whether or not the DNC should have turned over their servers, or whether there was good reason for proprietary not to, I don’t know, I have no idea. The bigger point is Russia hacked into them, and that’s a problem.”

Which just might qualify as the understatement of the year.


Image a compilation of images by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons and a screen capture from Elizabeth Preza’s YouTube Channel

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