Trump’s Legacy? Cruelty, Inhumanity & Immorality

Trump's legacy is already ruined.

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The latest scandal in the most scandal-ridden administration in the country’s history may well turn the tide of public opinion against Trump and his merry band of racist cronies. When the United States launched an unprovoked attack on Iraq under false pretenses, it became the single decision eclipsing all other achievements of the Bush administration. Similarly, this immigration tragedy may very well become the event by which the Trump administration’s legacy is defined.

Before George W. Bush invaded Iraq, the U.S. had been basking in the glow of global support and sympathy, a response to 9/11. Before the troops waged war however, the amassed goodwill was squandered. The Weapons of Mass Destruction red-herring was obvious and a proven lie perpetrated by an administration hell-bent on invading. With the virtually universal awareness of the illegitimate arguments for the preemptive war, it became an invaluable recruiting tool for America’s middle-eastern enemies. In fact, after Saddam Hussein was removed from power and the the U.S. disastrously disbanded the Iraqi Army, many of its top commanders found their way to the fledgling ISIS.

The decision to launch the Iraqi War was made in virtual isolation from the rest of the world. The Gulf War was waged by the United States and a coalition of 33 other countries. When the Iraqi war was fought, only four other countries joined the U.S. Likewise, Trump’s immigration policies have begun isolating the administration. The nation’s attention-hungry national emcee, President Trump went on the defensive after outcry over the tragedy began gaining momentum. On the Saturday of Memorial Day, Trump attempted to blame the Democrats with a tweet full of easily disproven lies.

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The facts are, it was Attorney General Jeff Sessions who unilaterally implemented the separation policy. It was Jeff Sessions who announced plans to prosecute 100% of border crossers. And it was Trump’s own chief of staff, John Kelly, who flippantly responded to NPR’s question about the cruelty of the Administration’s policies, “The children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever.”

Caring, humane Americans are struggling to reconcile the benefits of the Dickensian tactics the administration is embracing. Ripping babies from the arms of their mothers is a cruelty that transcends whatever perceived value the policy may have. And again, other than their most ardent zealots, Americans, and world, know, this immoral crisis is Trump’s cross to bear.

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The immoral, heartless policies of the Trump administration are boxing them into a corner. As that box constricts, the architects of this un-American immigration “solution” will find themselves further isolated from mainstream America and the values we hold dear. If Trump does not recognize that his policies, are an anathema to the majority of the nation, this may be the spark leading to mass protests if not violence. If that is the case, there is no question this moment will define the presidency, great economy be damned.

“You Trump supporters happy?” This is the reality of Trump’s America:

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